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Being a solo parent might have come to you unexpectedly or it may be what you have always planned. Even the most resourceful parent may find themselves in need of support, ideas, and resources. No matter the circumstances, this is the right place to find everything you need to be an outstanding solo parent. Host Robbin Rockett brings on a different guest each week to discuss all the aspects of being a single parent. You may be solo in your parenting role, but you are not alone. Listen to the show each week to find refreshing new ideas, hear stories of other solo parents, and connect with the community that is here to support you! Get tips and resources to help you thrive as a single parent at http:/
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Apr 27, 2017

My guest today is Laura Harrison, owner of Less Mess, More Life. Laura has helped make some awesome changes to my home and helped me be motivated to purge things that needed to GO. I’ve gotten organized and transformed our family room. My kids were excited and amazed when they saw the house less cluttered and more functional. Do you want to find inspiration and tips on letting go of all those toys, clothes and extra stuff? Laura has nuggets of wisdom to help you! Join us!

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • How Laura went from corporate event planning to using her innate skill in organization
  • Why Laura loves empowering people to make changes and live an organized life with LESS
  • Why taking control brings benefits
  • Organized house=calmer mindset
  • Getting organized doesn’t mean spending a fortune!
  • How Laura helps clients
  • How to deal with family heirlooms
  • Laura’s process: the walkthrough and the playbook
  • The #1 excuse people use? “I don’t have time!”
  • Getting started and staying focused
  • Why you should start with the linen closet
  • Tips if you’re ready to dive in:
    • Put “donate” bags in every room
    • Walk through and see what needs to be purged
    • Let things go!
  • The emotional attachment to THINGS (and the actual grief in letting them go)
  • Why minimalism can be a scary word


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Apr 20, 2017

If you enjoyed learning about the Hand In Hand approach to connecting with your children and you would like to know more, you will really gain a lot from today's show, with Robin Setchko as guest. Robin was the leader of the Hand In Hand Intensive Group, which was featured in episode 23 of this show (Parenting Through Connection Listen in today, as she talks to Robbin about her work with Hand In Hand and how it's helped her, both as a professional and as a  parent.


Robin, who lives in Northern California, is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and she's also the parent of two young adults, a twenty-five year old daughter and a twenty-two year old son. She works a lot with parents and also with individuals. More and more of her work has moved towards working with parents, as she's found that raising children and wanting the best for them has shown to be a really effective way to bring things up in parents, that need to be worked on. Listen in today and find out more about how you can move closer to your children, as you move things out of the way.


Today, Robin and Robbin discuss:


  • That Robbin finds the Hand In Hand way of helping people learn how to coach others through first doing it themselves in their own lives, to be really powerful.
  • How long Robin has been a Hand In Hand instructor and how she first got involved with it.
  • That there is the sense with parents that they need to do something, yet it's not that, it's about really listening.
  • That often, just your presence with your children is enough.
  • Robin explains what is meant by processing emotions.
  • How people recover through the proper processing of emotions.
  • How children grow, neurologically through this process and how this forms the foundation for good relationships later on in life.
  • The unique and transformative effect of the deep and warm support that Robin received from other parents with Hand In Hand and how it impacted on so many other areas in her life.
  • What the Stay Listening concept looks like.
  • How being heard helps you to think better.
  • That all parents really do tend to relate to each other in a profound way.
  • How Robin has seen this process work with the families that she works with.
  • The parallel process that parents go through while raising their children.
  • The relief of just 'saying it as it is' and not having to put a good spin on things.
  • The passionate journey of loving your children.
  • What Robin says to parents who think that this approach will indulge their children's inappropriate behavior.
  • The more often that your children can recover, in your presence, the less likely they will be to behave inappropriately.
  • How children learn, through this process, that they can trust that you will help them.
  • The role of faith in this process.
  • That, through this process, children eventually come to know that they're heading for a meltdown and will then look to 'offload' to you, or to someone safe.



Robin's email:

Robbin's email:  - To join Robbin's upcoming Parent Group, put 'Parent Group' in the subject line and email her.

Apr 13, 2017

If you would like to find a new and effective way to really connect with your children, you will gain a lot from Robbin's guest on today's show, Patty Wipfler. Listen in today, to find out about Patty's loving way of listening.


Warm and compassionate Patty, who has worked with thousands of families over many years,  is the author of the book Listen, which offers some groundbreaking tools for parents, to help to strengthen their connection with their children and to build their children's intelligence, cooperation and their ability to learn. Join Robbin and Patty today to get some really great listening tools and learn how to address the root cause of your child's difficult behavior


Today, Patty talks to Robbin about:


  • Her childhood and how it lead her to believe that she was going to become a great mom.
  • How she came to realize that she was in trouble as a mom.
  • How her emotional dam burst when someone really listened to her, which lead to her joining a Listening Class.
  • The Listening Classes and how they evolved to listening to children.
  • The emotional support that parents need, in order to be good and loving parents.
  • How children's confidence erodes when their parents don't get emotional support.
  • How she really understands from her own experience, just how isolating life can be for single parents.
  • How having your own tantrums can help you to pay warm attention to a child doing the same.
  • How to support someone with real care.
  • How warm support can really help to heal the hurts of parents.
  • Special Time, another simple and powerful listening tool that really enhances the connection of parents with their children.
  • Laughter, a really great medicine for parents and children.
  • The benefits of having a regular practice of connecting with your child.
  • Ways to get your kids back into their right mind.




Patty's website:



Apr 6, 2017

If you're a parent going through a difficult transition in your life and you could really use some support, listen in to today's show, with Robbin's guest, Tricia Wiig, and find out how she assists mothers through her faith-based support.

Tricia is the Director of Children and Family Ministries at United Methodist in New Valley and she also runs a faith-based support group for mothers. She has a wonderful way of talking to people about how to move through different life transitions and how to tap in, incorporate and thrive around their faith. Today she talks to Robbin about faith and about remembering how important it really is to have faith to ground you, when you're going through transitions in life- even that of becoming a parent. Listen in to find out more.


Today, Tricia talks to Robbin about:


  • Her Grace Within Support Group for mothers- how it works and what it has to offer.
  • How she helps people to remember their faith when they're going through a difficult time, with songs and stories.
  • Using Godly Play, a Sunday School Curriculum and a model for worship to help children and parents.
  • Tricia shares some sacred stories that she finds to be really meaningful and uses to help children.
  • Remembering that your faith is always with you, no matter how difficult the situation may be.
  • That there is no one way to find your faith, so it's important to remain open and remember that there are many things that can give you insight.
  • Tricia shares one of the questions that she asks the people in her group, to help them build their self-respect and self-esteem.
  • Asking yourself questions as a way to open yourself up to new possibilities.