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Being a solo parent might have come to you unexpectedly or it may be what you have always planned. Even the most resourceful parent may find themselves in need of support, ideas, and resources. No matter the circumstances, this is the right place to find everything you need to be an outstanding solo parent. Host Robbin Rockett brings on a different guest each week to discuss all the aspects of being a single parent. You may be solo in your parenting role, but you are not alone. Listen to the show each week to find refreshing new ideas, hear stories of other solo parents, and connect with the community that is here to support you! Get tips and resources to help you thrive as a single parent at http:/
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Nov 24, 2016

Drew Lamden, LCSW, has been in private psychotherapy practice for so many years and works  with families, adults, adolescents, children, Family Courts, and Family Attorneys. He is a Collaborative Law Coach and a Child Specialist. 

He is Vice President of the Board of Directors of the Northern California Mediation Center, he is the Director of Schools Program, and provides clinical supervision for Community Institute for Psychotherapy. He also provides clinical supervision for Apple Family Center, and is Clinical Consultant to A Home Within. He has developed and conducted student and parent groups in the schools, and consults to attorneys, various schools, mental health training programs, clinics, crisis, and family court settings. He is also co-coordinator of the Marin Teen Mental Health Board. He is on the Clinical Faculty at Langley Porter, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, UCSF.

Show Notes 

  • What to tell and not to tell the kids , general guidelines in telling the children about divorce
  • The importance of protecting children from the harsh realities of divorce 
  • The importance of postponing informing young children about adult issues
  • Waiting for children to grow more mature when giving them adult info 
  • Children don’t do as well as adults too
  • Importance of having mindfulness over the children
  • Importance of good communication between the divorced parents about their children’s  well-being
  • Importance of having a business-like relationship with the co-parent
  • Can parents tell all to their children
  • How much time is needed to tell all 
  • How to deal with your children’s questions
  • Children need to feel that they are loved by both parents 


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Nov 17, 2016

In today’s episode, Dr. Robbin Rockett discusses the upcoming holiday season and how to move through this season successfully. This time of year can bring up many emotions - loneliness, loss and even jealousy. There’s no reason to face this time alone, so it’s time to get some resources and support for your holiday season.



Some aspects of the holiday season that we will discuss today are:

  • How to deal with your emotions
  • What happens when the holidays involves your ex-spouse
  • How to make your children have a normal holiday




In this show Dr. Rockett discusses:


  • At 4 years post divorce, how it still affects her
  • What are 3 things you cannot live without this holiday season
  • Ask the same question of your children and then figure out how to incorporate all of them into your holiday celebration
  • Get real about what feels meaningful to you and your children
  • Make giving back a part of your holiday season - it helps your heart and is a great example to your children
  • Help your children as they purchase a gift for the other parent
  • Are you co-parenting your children without conflict? Consider a joint celebration/event as long as it is a safe space for everyone
  • If you are still in a place of conflict, it’s not a good idea to spend time together at the holiday
  • If you are considering joint holiday events, discuss it with your ex first, not the kids
  • Stay thoughtful and mindful of all parties, while still reflecting your boundaries
  • Plan ahead to have a support system around you when emotions are overwhelming
  • Continuing to make time for adequate self-care is critical




You can create your own new normal for the holiday season. Make it about you and creating rituals and events that support you and make you feel good. Know that you are not alone and we are always here to support you!

Nov 10, 2016

Today on the show Dr. Robbin Rockett has a very special guest. We’re talking about a topic every single parent will have to deal with at some point. We’re talking today about erotic integrity!

Dr. Claudia Six has several appellations to her name:  Ph.D. in Clinical Sexology, MA in Counseling Psychology, A.C.S for American College of Sexologists certification, and ABS certification #2532 from the American Board of Sexology. She is also a member of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality and the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors & Therapists. She was born and raised in France (no French accent at all) and came to the US at nineteen. Her practice includes divorce coaching, Marriage and couples sex therapy, Singles coaching, psychotherapy. 

Show notes:


  • What does erotic integrity mean?
  • What is the rebound relationship?
  • Don’t misrepresent what you’re looking for
  • In her own words, she is:  “…not bound by certain cultural constraints that Americans sometimes struggle with.”
  • One should explore all of what you are as a sexual being
  • Why humans are ambivalent = part of us wants change, and part of us wants to keep things the way they are. 
  • Dr. Six believes her role is empowering you to make choices that support what you really want your life to be.
  • Learning from the relationship you’ve been in
  • People should embrace informed choices 
  • Erotic Integrity, requires honesty, and the key component of honesty is communication. 
  • It is not shameful to confess desire 




Erotic Integrity book:

Nov 3, 2016

Dave Taylor is a blogger and writer who focuses on being a single Dad. He and his ex-wife actually began a parenting blog together while they were still married, and he kept it up through his divorce and it has chronicled his struggles and adventures as a single Father.


Dave has the same struggles every parent has, and he tries to focus his blog on the positive and negative aspects of parenting, without using all of his “Daddy-baggage”. Dave has turned his blog into a supportive space for single Dads, and he has also found support through his writing.


Listen to the episode as Dave also discusses:


  • How Dave went about building a community
  • Dave’s “time off with good behavior”!
  • The role Dave’s friends (he has a lot of them!) have played in his single Fatherhood
  • How he had to learn to grow a thicker skin
  • Why it makes it harder when others to criticize parents for entertainment
  • Why men have a learning curve when it comes to nurturing the children
  • Society reinforces nurturing behavior with girls, but boys are made fun of for it
  • Seeking support with your parenting can also help boost your confidence
  • Dealing with emotions of having his oldest daughter go off to college
  • The metaphor of parenting and ship building
  • Mistakes that Dave and his ex-wife made as a couple
  • Getting to know your children and their interests is a great way to stay connected to your children regardless of their age



Connect with Dave: